OSMUNDA is now a third-party service provider for medical devices across the world, serving the medical device industry with medical device incubation and contract manufacturing platform (CDMO), global registrations and clinical trials platform (CRO), Medical Device Management Cloud Software Platform (MDAC), Industrial Service Platform (Industrial Planning, Industrial Think Tank, Park Management), Industrial Investment Platform.

Our powerful and professional medical device database, project management platform as well as R&D and manufacturing bases guarantee the efficient project operation for our clients. OSMUNDA has 12 wholly-owned branches worldwide, nine in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu, etc.) and three in other countries (USA, Germany, etc.), with more than 500 medical device experts worldwide. In the next 1~3 years, OSMUNDA will complete the construction of 8 CDMO factories nationwide, providing all-around and one-stop medical device industry solutions for medical device developers, enterprises and governments worldwide.

OSMUNDA has established long-term close partnerships with clinical sites, certification bodies, testing labs, industry associations, legal institutions and institutional investors at home and abroad, rewarding the industry a powerful and professional medical device technical service platform. Up to now, over 3000 domestic and overseas medical device enterprises have entrusted us with their business goals.
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