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OSMUNDA Medical Device Service Group is a leading industry-wide third-party service provider for medical devices across the world (CDMO+CRO+CSO), serving the medical device industry with a medical device Cloud service platform, a platform of medical device R&D and contract manufacturing, a platform of global registrations and clinical trials , an investment and financing service platform (patent appraisal, BOC – OSMUNDA Loan) and an industrial service platform (industrial planning, co-building 3C platform).

Our powerful and professional medical device database, project management system, R&D and contract manufacturing bases (COMO factories in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen) as well as the 3C industry platform jointly built with the government guarantee the efficient project operation for our clients。 。。。

24 2020-01
OSMUNDA Successfully Assisted the Enterprise in Acquiring the Approval for Urgently Needed Medical Device
China has recently confirmed human-to-human transmission of a novel Wuhan coronavirus strain (2019-nCoV). As in January 24th, more than 850 cases of pneumonia-linked coronaviru...
30 2019-12
NMPA Notice: New Clinical Trial Exemption List for Medical Devices and In-vitro Diagnostic Products
On December 23, NMPA published new catalogs of medical devices and IVDs products which are eligible for the clinical trial exemption when applying for the product registrati...
Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1991, Mindray is one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions. Firmly committed to our mission of “advance medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible”, we are dedicated to innovation in the fields of Patient Monitoring & Life Support, In-Vitro ..
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